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Delaware’s Best Venues

A New Era for Wilmington Venues and Events The presidential election of 2020 was certainly one for the history books and put an obscure little mid-Atlantic city on the map. My hometown and the hometown of President Joe Biden made it to the national spotlight as we played host to many of the events surrounding the DNC, campaign, and transition of our new president. While we’re not necessarily known as a powerhouse of tourism and conventions, we proved, in a distinctly Wilmington way that we could pull together and host events that made us the center of the nation. Whether you are hosting a corporate function, a private party, or a concert, there are many great venues in our city that offer some great strategic [...]

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I Don’t Want To Make Excuses…

A little over 15 years ago, I was armed with just a rudimentary knowledge of electronics formed from tinkering in the basement, and a newfound interest in trying to best my friends with the biggest and loudest stereo system. I honestly can not recall what the motivation really was, but always an inventor at heart, I sought to solve the relatively simple problem of amplifying sound to an audience. That was the benchmark at the time; simply take a microphone, make it loud enough to overcome 800 students in a gymnasium, and mix in some music painstakingly downloaded on a dial-up connection the night before. I have always had some deep seeded fear of producing disappointing results, which I think lead to a passion of [...]

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