Our company was founded on a simple idea; everyone deserves the best tools and support to make their show happen. From our earliest days, we have pushed ourselves to deliver rider friendly gear that works reliably every single night. We back it up with a full team of support staff ready to listen and respond immediately to your needs.


For the best possible experience from venue to venue, touring bands need gear they can rely on. They also require gear that can accommodate their specific needs. We offer specialized touring packages that are assembled from the ground up. No artist is one-size-fits-all and their equipment shouldn’t be either. Our experienced team of technicians create touring packages that provide consistently clear, room filling sound from show to show.

Our packages are sourced from our dedicated warehouse full of equipment designed specifically for precision, simplicity, and portability. Each touring solution is backed by a collection of knowledgeable technical, warehouse, and office staff, providing additional peace of mind.


Our service and support is constantly improving. As industry technology evolves, so does our team. We continually endeavor to learn about advancements, so that we can provide up-to-date offerings. Utilizing our experience with custom fabrication, we also design and manufacture cases to meet your needs within an ever changing environment. All of this combined helps to create seamless transitions from show to show, and tour to tour.