Every graduation committee must make challenging decisions on the best way to accommodate guests, run the event on time, and create a memorable experience for graduates. We help you with the right mix of technology and coordination to facilitate a seamless event. Contact us today to discuss your graduation’s requirements, we’re here to help!

We have extensive experience handling the production needs of large-scale events, having extensively handled the audio and production needs of multiple U.S. Presidents, major universities and colleges, and countless other VIP events. We treat every graduation, regardless of size, with the attention to detail and expedient service your event deserves.

Fortify Festival


Indoors or outdoors, with audiences ranging from 50 to 50,000, we have experience deploying audio systems that cover with clarity and distinction. Through thoughtful and careful system design, we can help tame echoey arenas and expansive outdoor fields with smooth and consistent coverage. We are also well prepared to accommodate choir, band, and soloist musical performances.


From simple raised platforms to complex structures, we can design and build staging structures that are safe, comfortable, and aesthetically appropriate for your event. Our capabilities also include event draping and décor matching your school colors.

Fortify Festival
Fortify Festival


If your event is indoors or requires additional special event lighting for an evening ceremony, we can accommodate your needs. We have specialty “theatrical” and television style lighting to provide an exceptional appearance to your stage. We want those graduation photos to look amazing!


Live streaming is a fantastic way to allow friends, family, and audiences from across the world to see their graduates live from the comfort of their own home. Live streaming connects family members who may be otherwise unable to attend the event and creates a meaningful connection for them. Our live streaming services provide a cleanly produced network quality look and feel to your event.

Fortify Festival
Fortify Festival


Our team can advise you on the right video screen technology for your event. Whether it is an outdoor LED video wall, or projection screen for an indoor ceremony, video enhances your event with the opportunity to show real time camera views and video highlights of student’s accomplishments. We have the tools and technology to make it happen.


We offer a variety of event communication services including intercom and two-way radio packages. This allows your events team to quickly communicate and assist attendees, facilitate event security functions, and efficiently coordinate the flow of your graduation.

Fortify Festival


One of our project managers will be in touch regarding your event within the next business day!